About Emil



“Emil has established himself as one of Iceland’s main authors of speculative fiction.” ‒ Reykjavík UNESCO City of Literature

After publishing two poetry collections and receiving the New Voices Grant of the Icelandic Literature Center in 2008, Emil Hjörvar Petersen (b. 1984) began working on a massive tale: Saga eftirlifenda (Saga of Survivors), a trilogy about the Norse gods who survived Ragnarök and their struggles in a world they lost control of, one of the first Icelandic efforts in the fantasy and science fiction genres. The trilogy was published in 2010–2014. Praised and widely read, it made Emil a pioneer in the speculative genres in Iceland.

In 2016, Bjartur-Veröld published Víghólar (Crimson Hills), a thrilling fantasy crime novel where Nordic noir met urban fantasy and the weird, the first one in a series with the English working title The Shroud. It turned out to be a hit, the TV-rights were sold to Sagafilm, a leading Icelandic producer, and the novel was awarded and highly praised. It was only the beginning: two more books have been published in the series, Sólhvörf (Solstice) and Nornasveimur (Witchfires). The fourth is in the making. The books will be five in total.

Emil has organized many events related to fantasy and sci fi and he has been a participating author at conferences and conventions in various countries, for example Worldcon, Swecon and ICFA. He was one of the represented Icelandic authors at The Reykjavík International Literary Festival 2015, he has worked with Reykjavik UNESCO City of Literature, he has written educational material focused on speculative fiction, he has published his third poetry collection, and more.

Emil holds MA in Literature and Cultural Studies, MA in Publishing and Editing, and BA in Comparative Literature. He lives with his wife and two children in Lund, Sweden, soon moving back to Iceland.