The Shroud


“Very entertaining and exciting … Tremendously well done … The story is full of fantastic female characters … A brilliant idea, combining Icelandic reality with the hidden worlds … It’s intriguing how Nordic crime merges with fantasy.” ‒ Kiljan, a prominent Icelandic literary TV-program


A broke Icelandic medium and her psychic teenage daughter get caught up in crime investigations connected to the world of supernatural beings.

It is a mix of Nordic noir and urban fantasy, taking place in an alternate contemporary where the hidden world from folklore is in parallel with our world, but very few can interact with the beings: the elves, trolls, hidden people, ghosts, revenants, spirits, cryptids, monsters etc. Those who can interact with the supernatural are called sensitive. They are, for example, mediums, seers, witches and sorcerers.

Bergrún Búadóttir is a broke medium who’s divorced and consumed by her work, but currently faces a dry spell in employment. Brá Bjarkadóttir is Bergrún’s restless daughter who lives with her father’s family. Her unstable powers are manifesting. In each book there is a new case and a new theme, related to specific creatures and mysteries from Icelandic folklore. The series is correlated with the dramatic story of mother and daughter: their struggles, their relationship, their flaws and hopes and dreams. Their destiny.

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★ ★ ★ ★ “A thrilling and entertaining Icelandic fantasy.” Morgunblaðið daily

“The author succeeds terrifically in combining a classic noir, Nordic reality and fantasy.”

“Emil creates an exciting and chilling story that he interweaves with Icelandic folklore and modern crime fiction. To us, this story is the perfect material for a thrilling television series.” Sagafilm

★ ★ ★ ★ “With artistic excellence, Emil succeeds in combining the settings of crime fiction and fantasy … The fast and exciting course of events are visual and entertaining.” Morgunblaðið daily

‟A well written and thrilling crime-fantasy where the folktales are used in an interesting and creative way … Tremendously entertaining … Very exciting … Sólhvörf grabs the reader from the first page.” Fréttablaðið daily

★ ★ ★ ★ ‟A terrific novel where Icelandic folklore is intertwined with everyday life … It’s fantastic to see so many strong female characters … It’s very fun to read and keeps you turning the pages.” Nörd norðursins, the main Icelandic online magazine on fantasy & sci fi, video games, board games etc.

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